Benefits of Hardscaping

Benefits of Hardscaping

Hardscaping improves the functionality of your outdoor living space, adds value to your property and has an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, fire features and more all fall under the hardscaping umbrella. Choosing one or more of these elements will take your landscape to the next level while serving a myriad of functions.


Hardscaping extends your living space beyond four walls. It’s as if you are adding another room to your home. A designer can hone in on your personal style and will design a space to fit your lifestyle and budget. The options are endless when it come to material selection and amenities. Prior to beginning the design process, imagine how you will use the space. Consider whether you want to be able to use the space all year with a fire feature, or just in the warmer months. Either way, real estate professionals say that adding hardscaping elements to your property is a guaranteed return on investment and will set your home apart from the competition when it come time to sell.


The vast majority of hardscape elements require very little maintenance. Every 2-3 years concrete pavers need to be re-sealed and poly sanded. In shady areas, annual power washing may be a good idea to remove algae or moss build up. Other than that, you can just sit back and enjoy!

Also, keep in mind that not every project needs to be a grand undertaking. Sometimes simple things like creating a walkway from the front to the back yard can be just as important. Stand alone features like stone fire pits, trash enclosure pads, flower bed edging and sidewalks are budget friendly ways to add value to the property and these can be installed individually over time.


In the case where your property may have a slope, tiered flower beds and patios are the perfect way to preserve the integrity of the slope. Without a landscape solution, erosion will be a constant concern, maintenance will be a nightmare and the area may not be usable. By incorporating a hardscape feature, you can regain control of your most challenging areas and the result be just as beautiful as it is functional.