Breathe Life Into Your Yard

Breathe Life Into Your Yard

If you’ve braved enough winters, you know that your yard becomes your sanctuary during the beautiful spring, summer, and fall weather that wakes up our senses after a cold and dreary winter. It’s where backyard barbeques spring up, where pets play, and where friends and family gather and relax. While simple lawn care such as mowing and fertilization can help keep your yard an oasis, it’s important to get deeper into the care of your lawn by having it aerated. Scheduling a professional lawn aeration service helps to get essential nutrients below the surface and provide your lawn with the nutrients and oxygen that will give you the greenest and most lush lawn in your neighbothood.

What does it mean to Aerate your Lawn?

This is an excellent question, and we would love to provide an answer. The basic answer is that it’s exactly what you think that it is. It’s the act of poking holes into the ground to allow nutrients to penetrate the soil and all that’s beneath the surface of your yard. This type of aeration allows your yard to breathe. It allows air, water and other elements into the ground so that you can reap the benefits of a full, green lawn that is soft and inviting underneath.

Who Should Aerate?

The honest answer is that it’s not necessary for all people to aerate their lawns. However, it is something that many homeowners should consider. For example, those who use their yards heavily should consider this. If you have children who run all over the yard and use it as an extension to your home as a playplace, you should aerate to keep the ground healthy. You should also consider this treatment if your home is a new construction home. With fill dirt and other materials being compressed during the construction phase, it’s more difficult for new grass to take root and new landscaping to flourish. Finally, if your lawn is one that has been freshly sodded, you’re going to want to consider aeration while your sod take root and begins to establish the lawn you truly desire.

How do You Aerate Your Lawn?

Many homeowners and building owners choose to hire professional landscapers to take care of this job because it is one that is time-consuming and used heavy equipment that can be difficult to handle. It’s best to schedule your aeration when the ground is slightly damp, as it’s often difficult to puncture dry soil and dirt. Following rainy weather or a fresh watering is always recommended. A professional landscaper can help you assess your soil density, determine when it should be scheduled, how often you should consider aerating, and just help you decide if your lawn would also benefit from weed control or professional lawn fertilization services.