How to avoid a smelly compost pile

How to avoid a smelly compost pile

A properly tended compost pile won’t create any unpleasant smells. By maintaining levels of air (oxygen) levels, moisture, and temperature, you can have a productive compost pile that will not offend your neighbors with any troubling smells.

The single most important tip in avoiding a stinky compost pile is making sure you have the correct ratio of “green matter” and “brown matter”.

Green matter includes such items as fruit and vegetables scraps, coffee grounds, and grass clippings. These items are high in nitrogen and decay very quickly. Brown matter includes leaves, straw, used coffee filters, and sawdust. These items are high in carbon and decay more slowly. An ideal ratio for composting is 1/3 greens to 2/3 browns.

Composting is the environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your food scraps and garden debris. Each year over 300,000 tons of yard materials is composted, saving all that waste from going to landfills and incinerators.

Typically, composting does not require a licence or approval, as long as they are maintained in a nuisance-free manner. Always check with your local community ordinances to see if there are any backyard composting regulations. DO NOT compost foods such as meat, bones, dairy products or oils. These types of materials will attract animals and other unwanted pests.